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Changes in the Garden (January 2014)

The St Andrews Preservation Trust has currently embarked upon a major redevelopment of its award winning garden at the museum at 12 North Street. The garden will be increased in size from land recently purchased, new features such as a rose garden will be added and the overall appearance of the garden will be akin to when it was first laid out.

As part of this redevelopment a new wooden outbuilding of a modern but sympathetic design is to be built in the garden. The designer, woodworker and builder of the new facility, Peter Kushner says: “This building foremost will be a place for storage, but attention to detail and sympathy with surroundings will make this building more than simply a store room. I hope to build a structure which will be regarded as a significant and integral contribution to the Trust’s material assets, the Living Sedum Roof will be of great benefit to insects, birds and wildlife and become a most eye catching feature for the visitors”.

The Chairman of the Trust’s museum development committee, Andrew Johnson commented: “the new building will be formed using the existing brick wall of the current garden store and the stone wall to the rear and left of the compost bins, the bins will be re sited to the opposite corner of the garden and shrouded with shrubs. The wood used will be seasoned and oiled oak from a sustainable source.”

The Trust has been able to proceed with this exciting addition to the garden thanks to a generous donation from one of its Honorary Vice Presidents, Gillian Falconer.


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