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Christmas Cards

A selection of the Trust Christmas cards that can be purchased from the Trust Office, the Museum and various outlets in the town. Click on an image to see a larger picture.

Greeting message inside
Hamish surveys his realm West Port, St Andrews
c. late 1800s/early 1900s
Market Square fountain
£3.00 for 10   £3.00 for 10   £3.00 for 10
Greeting message inside   No Greeting message
Outside Preservation Trust Museum, North Street Golden Sunrise,
St Andrews Cathedral
£5.00 for 10   £5.00 for 10


  St Andrews Shop Fronts 1820 - 1940

By John Frew

An illustrated survey of the historic shop fronts within the Royal Burgh.




  Saving St Andrews

By Elizabeth Williams & John Lindsey

A short history of the St Andrews Preservation Trust from 1938 to the present day.




  Three Decades Of Historical Notes

Compiled by Mary M. Innes & Joan A. Whelan

Collection of articles reprinted from the Yearbooks of the Trust 1964-89, giving brief but significant introductions to aspects of current research on St Andrews across such diverse themes as street names, architects, St John’s House, excavations, shopfronts, carved stones and doocots.




  A Journey Through The Lade Braes

By Matthew Jarron & Jennifer Webster

A history & guide to the delightful walk down the Lade Braes in St Andrews, long regarded as one of the most beautiful places in Fife.




  The Milestones Of Fife

By Alex Darwood & Paula Martin

A celebration of Fife’s rich heritage of milestones, wayside markers, guideposts, tollhouses and other relics of the 19th century road network




  St Andrews : Preserving the Image 1937 - 2007

70 Images drawn from the Trust's Photographic Collection to commemorate the Trust's 70th Anniversary

This book would make a most interesting and unusual gift for those who know and love St Andrews or anyone interested in its history.




  A Handful Of Ghosts

By George H. Bushnell

Five fictional ghost stories set in and around St Andrews. The author was University Librarian from 1924-61, and wrote these stories to entertain the Students’ Celtic Society during the blackout in the war.

They were originally ‘told’ or read aloud by candlelight in the traditional way.




Occasional Publications



Exhibition Publications

Available from the Museum only - all £2.00

Men of St Andrews

Women of St Andrews

St Andrews by the Northern Sea – Harbour and Fishing Community

A Sense of Place – Discovering St Andrews (2003)

Best Days of Your Life – Schools in St Andrews

The People’s War – St Andrews and the Home Front 1939-1945

A Century of Childhood (2004)

Grand Designs – a stroll down The Scores

Sum and Substance - The Men of St Andrews

When the Boat Comes In (2008)

Speak Up - Communication in St Andrews (2007)

Where the Heart Is - Recipe Book

Colours, Curtains and Chords - Arts In St Andrews (2009)

Six Generations of a St Andrews Family - By John Hunter (only £1)

Who Cares? Health care and Medicine in St Andrews (2009)

The World At Our Door: St Andrews Migration and Travel Stories (2009)

St Andrews' Bairns: A Short History of Childhood in St Andrews (2011)

Here Comes The Bride: Courtship, Weddings and Married Life in St Andrews (2011)

Treasures of the Trust: The Photographic Collection (2010)

Local Heroes (2010)

Step Into the Roaring Twenties: Discover St Andrews in the 1920s (2010)


Available at the Trust Office and Museum

Fishing Boats leaving St Andrews (Samuel Bough) 50p each or £4.50 for 10
Painting by Alison McKenzie 50p each or £4.50 for 10
Pack of 4 winter scenes £2.00
Pack of spring scenes £2.00


Available at the Trust Office and Museum

View into St Andrews (Sam Taylor) 20p each
St Andrews Lammas Market (M. Dominiak) 20p each
St Andrews in the 1950s (Miss Alison McKenzie) 20p each
The Harbour 1900 35p each
Pier & Harbour 1890 35p each
Cathedral end of North Street 1930s 35p each
North Street 1900 (Cynicus watercolour) 35p each
Golf Professionals 1889 35p each
Ladies putting match 1890 Himalayas 35p each
Ladies putting 1890 Himalayas 35p each
Scottish Ladies Final 1911, Old Course 35p each


Available from the Museum only

The St Andrews Preservation Trust holds a large and varied collection of classic photographs. Prints of these may be ordered from the Curator of the Museum.

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