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The Trust and the Town

The St Andrews Preservation Trust was founded in 1937 with the aim of preserving for future generations the buildings, character and history of
St Andrews and its immediate surroundings.

This character consists partly in the integrity of its town plan and architectural design, from the great ecclesiastical buildings of the Middle Ages to the classical terraces of the nineteenth century, and partly in the beauty of its setting and in the wide sweep of its coast to the north and the east.

St Andrews Harbour and pier

The 'Old Grey Toun'

St Andrews has managed to retain much of this unique character, thanks in no small measure to the efforts of the Preservation Trust. However, if it is to remain one of Fife's major attractions, much care needs to be taken to maintain the historic town centre by appropriate restoration and design, and to protect its natural boundaries from the thrust of residential and commercial sprawl.

With your help, the Preservation Trust endeavours to promote these ends in a variety of ways.


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