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Who Lived Here - A Walk, Talk and Supper (April 2013)

This exciting event, which took place in April 2013 was a great success and was well received by those who took part. The format was a Guided Tour around the old part of Town, stopping here and there at the homes of notable St Andreans and some of the characters featured in the Kate Kennedy Procession. The event was well supported in terms of those who took part in the walk and a few less able members who remained in the hall for the talk.

We are indebted to Alan Tricker for his excellent narration, the Students who took part wearing the costumes they wore in the Kate Kennedy procession and of course Pat Anthony as Mary Queen of Scots, Marysia Denyer as Joanne Clark the well known fisher woman and Callum Macleod who provided the musical entertainment during the meal. Our grateful thanks also to Anne Morris who not only dreamt up the idea but who also produced some delightful mementos for the guests to take away with them and finally a big thank you to the ladies who produced such a delightful supper.

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